Since the inception of PUP, The organization has been working to uplift the socio-economic condition of the most excluded part of our community especially women who are mostly destitute and victims of deprivation. Our aim is to empower them by providing income opportunities so that they can live with dignity in their family and society as well. To transform our aim towards success, since the very beginning we have been providing various handicraft skill development training to them such as Hand Sewing Embroidery, Palm Fiber Basketry Making, Block Batik Printing, Hand & Brush Painting on cloth, Tailoring etc. We have our own handicraft producers group (approximately 450 women currently working with us) who are providing export quality hand crafted products for the local and export market. After providing training, we accumulate most of the trainees into our producers group who successfully complete it. In this way they have been involved with our production unit to earn money.

Skill Development Training